Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work

@ 8:00pm

Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work is a number of minimalist textile works incorporating Kathy Slade’s interests in design, decorative art, art historical, literary, and popular culture sources.

This exhibition features a number of monochrome paintings embroidered by machine, repeating a stitch to fill the entire canvas. These works simultaneously draw upon histories of decorative art. Feminism, technology and labour histories, and minimalist/conceptual practices. With a high sense of humour and irony, Slade quotes from these seemingly disparate sources to create a sense of the Uncanny, and to play with ideas of representation and social politics.

Slade continues these investigations in a sculptural vein with her more recent monochromatic giant pom-poms. By applying Modernist scale and minimalism to the pom-pom, an object with a purely decorative function, Slade conflates the two practices much in the same way artist quilt works of the 1970s and 80s brought textiles into a high art discourse.