Dr. Paul Verhaeghe Speaking About The Diaries of Louise Bourgeois

@ 8:00pm

Scrivener’s Monthly is pleased to present Dr. Paul Verhaeghe Speaking About The Diaries of Louise Bourgeois on June 1st at 8pm at the Western Front.

“Last year, I received an email from New York, asking if I would be interested in producing a paper for a book that would be edited in function of a retrospective of Louise Bourgeois. I e-mailed back that I felt flattered, that I knew the work of Louise Bourgeois, but that I did not feel very knowledgeable in the field of art and psychoanalysis. And then I received an even more flattering e-mail, telling that Louise Bourgeois had read two of my books, and that she had explicitly asked that I would write a contribution for that volume. At that point, my narcissism made it impossible to refuse, so I said yes. Two months later I received a third email, with the sad news that Louise had died, and with the question if I would be interested to come to New York to study her diaries, and that I would be granted full access to them. At that moment, I did not hesitate, and during the summer I was immerged for a week in her diaries. This resulted in a paper that has been published in the meantime in Portugese, because the retrospective was first of all put on stage in the Sao Paulo Guggenheim, and later this year or next year, an English version will be published as well.”

Programmed as part of the 2013 La Conference

Scrivener’s Monthly is a series of public presentations that explore the space between material practices and spoken words: a periodical that talks. Set alongside the exhibitions program at Western Front, this experiment in “not publishing” involves readings, performances, and other articulations.