Don Druick in Concert

Solo flute concert by Don Druick live at the Western Front, consisting of improvised pieces and new works by Druick, Makoto Shinohara and Kazuo Fukashima.

Death and Life (Tobias Hume, 1605)
Fragmente (Makoto Shinohara, 1968)
Black Intention (Maki Ishii, 1975)
Saccade (1984)
Modular Birds One (1979)
Modular Birds Seven (1981)
Casa Blanca (1987)
Tropez-Z (Don Druick, 1974)
Shun-San (Kazuo Fukashima, 1969)
Luna (Kazuo Fukashima, 1986)
Chinese (Kazuo Fukashima, 1986)
Guerre D’amore (Don Druick, 1984)
Les Folies D’espagne (Marin Marais, 1701)
Post-Literate (Don Druick, 1983)