Digit Retro

A video retrospective 1976-89. Tapes included:

– Through the Holes (1981)
Vander Zaag describes the video, noting “[t]he process of using a macro lens to shoot the video screen enabled us to go beyond the primary content of television soap operas. By discovering the holes in the television screen grid, I find a freedom from the formal context of the medium.”

– Potatoes (1983)
A video production involving the fragmentation of the video screen and nouns taken out-of-context, including the word “potato.”

– Baby Eyes (1983)
A video production which uses a processed soundtrack with computer-altered imagery of Vander Zaag and her baby daughter.

– Red Notion (1985)

– Hot Chicks on TV (1986)
A video production in which the excitement and traumas of two young girls is turned into sixty seconds of huffing and puffing. Computer-animated explosions blithely represent the hectic pace of a woman’s middle years. Calmly, a serene white-haired woman emerges from the multi-layered explosion. She chats with her old friend, now a bag lady with a cellular phone, about survival and getting older. They repeat the exclamation first heard from the beginning: they’re still “hot chicks on TV.”

– Farm Fantasy (1989)
Christine Tamblyn of Afterimage describes this video as “[a] computer gilded tribute to the family farm in Southern Ontario. Emboldened by urban irony and rural machinery, tractors fly and Vancouver’s skyscrapers and mountains grow out of the fields. However, country music locates the landscape at the emotional centre. Her funky computer graphics blur the threshold between representation and abstraction, parodying television’s project of constructing a diffused public identity.”

Digitized video of Potatoes and Farm Fantasy are available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.