Derek Dowden: Media Workshops

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 3, p. 10, January/February 1995:

Art in Cyberspace: An Artists Guide To What’s On the Internet

Tuesday, January 17 7pm – Free

An introductory evening that will provide an overview of current artistic activity and future creative possibilities for the Internet. The focus will be on Mosaic, Netscape and the World Wide Web. Along with an introduction to telecommunications concepts and an explanation of what the Internet is, an overview of what artists can see, make and do online will be given. A brief discussion of social issues impacting the future of artists and art making online will follow.

Mosaic Publishing Online: How To Distribute Your Work On the Internet

January 24 7pm – $25

The focus is on how to put your art online. Topics covered in this workshop session include selecting and setting up hardware and software, making a choice of online service providers, design issues related to interactivity, and the details of how to prepare and mark up documents in HTML for online distribution will be covered. Co-sponsored by the Arts Online Series of the Vancouver Cultural Alliance.

Derek Dowden has extensive experience in putting artists and non-profit organizations online. He operated ArtNet, Canada’s first online cultural BBS from 1982-88. He is also teaching Internet courses at Cyber School in the University of British Columbia, and is Arts and Advanced Technology Coordinator at the VCA.