Perspectives on an Archive

For Perspectives on an Archive, Western Front Media Arts has invited Kemi Craig, Liz Park and Cheyanne Turions to develop programs of significant works of media art selected from the Western Front Media Archive. From September to October 2008, the three curators will conduct research in the archive and prepare for a public presentation series, a virtual exhibit, a catalogue, and in-house screenings-on-demand scheduled to launch in November 2008.

This project provides an environment for engagement between culturally diverse curators and aboriginal curators to discuss, research and curate Canadian media art, as well as a space for young curators with unique perspectives to develop their own connection to and knowledge of media works produced in Canada.

After a migration route that took her through Deep South, Mexico, England, and Japan, Kemi Craig currently resides in Victoria, where she is actively involved with Cinevic Society of Independent Filmmakers. She has taken the roles of director and producer in a number of short film projects over the past four years, and has also curated media and performance events in Victoria.

Liz Park is an emerging curator based in Vancouver. In 2007, she curated the exhibition Limits of Tolerance at Centre A, which explored the art production in Vancouver in the late 1980s and the early 1990s through a consideration of the socio-political climate of the time. She is currently Curatorial Resident at Western Front Media Arts through Canada Council Assistance to Culturally Diverse Curators in Residence Grant.

Cheyanne Turions has organized media events at the Cineworks Studio and the Pacific Cinematheque since 2007. She has held positions with the Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, VIVO Media Arts Centre and the Independent Media Arts Alliance. Her most recent project is the Gastown Drive-in, co-presented with Urban Republic, for which she created a temporary drive-in movie theatre featuring films about Vancouver.