Computer Interactive Workshop: Designing an Interactive Environment

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 4, p. 11, March/April 1995:

April 21
Workshop 12:00-5:00
Performance 8:00pm

April 22
Workshop 12:00-5:00
Performance 8:00pm

April 23
Workshop 12:00-5:00
Performance 8:00pm

Growth in technology is a cultural phenomenon affecting how we experience the world, how we learn to know ourselves, and how we work and communicate with others. It touches us in virtually all areas of our lives. The greater our knowledge, experience and understanding of its underlying technical and cultural components, the greater our ability to make informed choices in our art making and in our work.

Designing an Interactive Environment is a three day workshop for artists, performers, designers and technicians interested in exploring their work or others’ work interactively for production, live performance or installation.

The intention of Designing an Interactive Environment is to provide Vancouver’s Arts and Technology Communities an opportunity to learn the latest in production and performance technology in a professional developmental environment.

This is the first workshop in a series which will draw on current theory, tools and practices in the fields of Electronic Communication and Design to develop and nurture projects using current technology. Instructors are professionals drawn from Vancouver’s Arts and Technology communities who have worked within their respective fields in Vancouver, nationally and internationally for many years. These professionals bring with them systems and software that they themselves have either developed or worked with for some years. These systems represent the latest in performance and design communication.

- Construction
- Video
- Programming
- Music
- Installation
- Lighting
- Performance
- Sound

This workshop has been created and coordinated by artist/designers Grant Gregson, Paul Lang and John Webber with the cooperation and support of the Western Front.