Computer Graphics

In 1985, the Western Front took delivery of its first graphics computer, a Kaypro 286 with a Cubicomp Picturemaker 1.5, (a 3D animation system), and TimeArts┬áLumina paint system. Glenn Lewis, after much research and consultation with Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Bob Richardson and others, decided that the first priority would not be to use a computer for the office or use it to add digital special effects to the existing video facility, but to begin an investigation of this entirely new medium – digital imaging.

Ken Mimura (Canada) 04/14/85

Showed the most recent results of a twenty year project, Chromophore. These are graphics created on a VAX 11/780 computer.

Bob Richardson (Canada), Computer Graphics Survey 12/09/85 to 12/12/85

A series of lectures with slides and video on the current state of the art and some of the mathematical principles underlying computer graphics.