Composer in Residence I Wayan Sadra from Indonesia

@ 8:00pm

Dewa Alit performs new works with Vancouver musicians Jonathan Bernard, Martin Fisk, Sutrisno Hartana, Colin MacDonald, Kenneth Newby, Mark Parlett, Ben Rogalsky and Danny Tones.

I Wayan Sadra is a Balinese composer, musician and theorist whose innovative music carries high drama and magnificent beauty. Although trained in the traditional Balinese gamelan style, Sadra never hesitates to use the sound he needs in his compositions, regardless of its source. Percussion and traditional gamelan instruments are comfortable next to electronic devices, avant-garde vocals and other western instruments. Asian and European styles, disparate tunings and rhythms are blended together to create a new, unified voice.

Sadra’s works are often process-based and theatrical, with an inter-disciplinary approach that has involved painting, dancers, and shadow puppets. Compositions are constructed to take advantage of the audience and performers relative positions, with as much consideration given to space as to sound. As a composer, Sadra is also concerned with the social context of music performance, seeing the development of an audience to appreciate new music as important as the works themselves. Sadra was most recently in Laos, working on a composition for children. I Wayan Sadra will be in residence at the Western Front for three weeks in January and February to create three new works for percussion, live sampling and traditional instruments.


I Wayan Sadra
Artist in Residence New works for percussion, gamelan and live sampling
Residency and concert series with Vancouver musicians
Jonathan Bernard, Colin MacDonald, Danny Tones, Martin Fisk
Kenneth Newby, Dewa Alit, Sutrisno Hartana, Mark Parlett, Ben Rogalsky February 13 & 14, 8 PM
Tickets $15/12/10 students
Western Front 303 East 8th Avenue