International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation’s Annual TD Jazz Festival Colloquium:
Agile Futures: Approaching Improvisation

@ 10:00am – 4:00pm


Western Front is excited to host the IICSI’s eleventh iteration of their TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival colloquium. The colloquium will feature several world-renowned improvisers who are performing at the festival as keynote speakers in a program that investigates the relationships between improvisation and possibility.

Panel: Agilities
Jay Hammond (Duke University),“Dreaming from the Ashes”
Michael Wallace (Monash University), “Social Networks for Composition and Improvisation”
Tom Scholte (University of British Columbia), “Enhancing Systemic Analytical Capacity in Forum Theatre”

Panel: Futurities
Sara Ramshaw and Kristen Lewis (University of Victoria), “Attuning to Precarity: Crisis, Collaboration and the Possibility of Improvisation”
Catherine Lee (Willamette University), “My Shifting Identity as a Performer in Alluvium (2016) by Taylor Brook”

Artist Presentation:
Meredith Bates

Artist Presentation:
Mats Gustafsson

Artist Presentation:
Jing Xia

Panel: Approaches
Beau Stocker (York University), “Rhythm in improvised music composition and performance: Improvised music models of East African rhythm translations that structure drum set sound exploration”
Eunhye Jeong (Berklee College of Music),“Improvising to Create the Aged Now”

Panel: Convergences
Patrick O’Reilly (University of Toronto), “Constructing Musical Networks: An Investigation into the Convergence of Extended Notation and Mail-Art”
Laura Swankey (Vocalist and Music Educator, Toronto), “Combining Song and Noise” Stacey Bliss (York University), “Heightened Awareness Through Improvisational Soundscapes”

Artist Keynote and Film Screening: The Invaders
Pre-show talk post-show Q&A Arish Khan and John B. Smith
Inspired by militant black leaders like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, a new, radicalized generation of civil rights activists made up of young college students, Vietnam vets, musicians, and intellectuals emerged in Memphis in 1967. Prichard Smith uncovers the history and significance of the often- overlooked group, detailing their surprising behind- the-scenes involvement with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the pivotal days leading up to his assassination.

Artist Presentation:
Darius Jones

Presented in collaboration with the UBC International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation and Coastal Jazz.