Chris Lee

Chris Lee will be in residence to develop part 1 of LDM, a new project that reimagines a laser distance measurement device as a tool for converting spatial measurements into sound.  This speculative instrument for interpreting space will be used to “play” spaces, figuring architecture as a form of notation.  This project will continue into a second phase that involves a publication/manual that explores synchronic developments and theoretical resonances between the standardization of musical time as well as of language and physical space. All together these address a thematic research into notation as a matter of standardization. The project builds on Lee’s research into sharing standards through design, technology, and language, and how norms are used to suggest ideal subjects.  The residency will provide time for the technical development of the instrument, its conceptual and discursive positioning, the development of the publication, as well as exploring its performance capacities.

Artist Talk
January 16 @ 7:00pm 
Luxe Hall

While in residence this January, Lee will give an artist talk that addresses the context of his research, in which an interest in notation emerges as an instrument of standardization/coordination (like currency), the sedimentation of memory, and of normativity and discipline. Speaking of coinage, he will address the mutant, a-chronological historiography of currency and propose an undoing of the linear chronology of conquest, property, and inheritance by mashing together material/technical methods of inscription.

Artist Biography

Chris Lee is a graphic designer and educator based Buffalo, NY, and Toronto, ON. He is a graduate of OCADU (Toronto) and the Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam), and has worked for The Walrus Magazine, Metahaven and Bruce Mau Design. He was also the designer and an editorial board member of the journal Scapegoat: Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy. Clients, have included C magazine, Art Museum, grunt gallery, the Aga Khan Museum, The New York Times, and Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, among others. Lee’s research explores graphic design’s entanglement with power, standards, and legitimacy. He has contributed projects and writing to Decolonising Design, the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Graphic, Volume, and Counter Signals and has lectured and given workshops in the USA, Canada, Scotland, The Netherlands and Croatia. Chris is an Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo SUNY, and a member of the programming committee of Gendai Gallery, and Squeaky Wheel. He is a graphic design research fellow of Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam (2017/18), participant of the fifth edition of the Summer University of the Bibliotheque Kandinsky at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He is currently co-guest-editing issue 141 of  C magazine on the theme of “Graphic Design.”