Celebration Red

Excerpt from Front Magazine Sept/Oct 1999 Vol. IX, No. 11 P.32:

Celebration Red is an homage to Dick Higgins about travelling with a map of Vermont, making sounds and naming flowers.

Alison was born in New York in 1933. She is an intermedia artist incorporating sound and performance in her work. She is a founding member of Fluxus, experimenting with book form in human scale walk-in installation pieces, The Big Book appeared throughout Europe and Japan. Her installation The Book of Bean, included sound-text and a variety of media and was in the Venice Biennale in 1990. Her sources include found objects and toys structured into performances by chance operations and on-site intuition. She uses food in her work, for example, beans.

A co-production with the Morris & Helen Belkin Gallery.

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.