Catwalk Envy: A Subverted Runway Show

From the former Western Front Website:

The artists will develop new performances for a two-night runway show under the direction and curation of Lorena Wolffer. As well as working with the performers to create a unique group show, Wolffer will be performing her own piece which is the catalyst for Catwalk Envy. The local participants have chosen to work with a wide variety of themes including: ‘why I hate fashion’, the new xenophobia and racism against immigrants, wearing ‘whiteness’, the faces of war, women’s roles in war-torn Ireland, and alternative images of the ‘ideal’ body.

Artists: Lorena Wolffer, Naufus Ramirez-Figuroa, Aiyyana Maracle, Irene Loughlin, Jocelyn Grant, Kim Dawn
Producer: Lori Weidenhammer

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.