Bright Moments Series

@ 8pm

Coastal Jazz and Blues with Western Front New Music spotlight the newest shakers and movers in the Jazz world with the Bright Moments Series.




January 26, 8pm

Bright Moments Series | MGB (Matt Mitchell, Gordon Grdina, Jim Black)

TICKETS $27 All In 


“Gordon Grdina has managed to place a finger in every corner of the jazz/world fusion room.”
—Pop Matters

Complex, intricate, idiosyncratic, and rockin’—those are the adjectives that best describe this cross-border collaboration between Vancouver guitarist Gordon Grdina, and New York’s Matt Mitchell piano, and Jim Black drums.

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society in association with Western Front.




March 23, 8pm

Bright Moments Series | Joshua Zubot and Strings

TICKETS $25 All In

Now back in Vancouver, violinist Joshua Zubot is quickly establishing a reputation as a virtuosic performer/composer fusing many styles. His spectacular diversity as a player encompasses jazz, free music, avant-garde, contemporary classical, folk, improvisation, rock, and electronic. This string-stravaganza will also feature Meredith Bates violin, Jesse Zubot viola, Peggy Lee cello, and James Meger double bass.

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society in association with Western Front.



Gordon Grdina is known for his incredible versatility and ability to bring a fresh and edgy vibe to any ensemble he joins or forms. His musical output is diverse, including 10-piece Arabic/avant-garde ensemble Haram, the intricate GG Quartet and cinematic GG Septet, high-energy collective Grdina/Houle/Loewen, free-punk duo Peregrine Falls, and contemporary Persian-influenced ensembles Qalandar and The Marrow.

Jim Black is a legend in the downtown New York jazz and improv scene and a world-renowned drummer. His most recent Vancouver appearances include gigs with Endangered Blood, Banda de los Muertos, and Human Feel.

Matt Mitchell is a mainstay on the New York jazz scene playing with internationally acclaimed ensembles like the Dave Douglas Quintet and John Hollenbeck’s Large Ensemble. This is Matt’s third visit to Vancouver this season following a solo appearance and a fall show with Tim Berne’s Snakeoil.

Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, violinist Joshua Zubot spent his younger years honing his skills in the west. From 1997-2002 he toured internationally with the former Barrage group, before relocating to Montreal in 2003. Josh completed his BFA in Electroacoustic Studies after four years.