Big Fat Slenderella

Special video production. The Big Fat Short is a first step in the editing of collected video material for a larger project, The Big Fat Feature.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. IV, no. 3, p. 10, January/February 1993:

For the past year, I have been collecting video materials for the Big Fat Feature. As a first step in editing the feature, I am preparing a short which will be made at the Western Front.

In this production I will continue with the technical experiments initiated in my previous video, True Inversions. Documentary shots will be combined with images that are interesting as a visual alone, in this case, fat animals in nature, and crowd scenes. In addition to 14 hours of interviews, a commercial by each of the people interviewed, and other things that happen along the way, there is video footage of two nights of live performance by Lorna Boschman, narrating clips from the Big Fat Feature. (It was part of the body project at Basic Inquiry Studio.)

In my research into why people are fat, and what it means to be identified as fat in this culture, I have asked the experts, fat people themselves! The things the fat people say have nothing to do with a successful diet; instead, they challenge the audience to re-evaluate concepts about body image, being fat and our social obsession with weight control and fitness. (But don’t expect them to agree with each other!)

There are still positions open for fat people to be interviewed and to make your own commercial. If you are interested in being part of this experimental documentary or know someone who might be call me at the Western Front during January.