Artist in Residence

Bergen based artist Toril Johannessen works across various media such as photography, text, drawing, sculpture, storytelling and installation. Johannessen’s interdisciplinary practice often engages a scientific thematic through empirical and theoretical investigation of the relationship between art and science. She has exhibited widely in Europe including recent solo exhibitions at Bergen Kunsthall and the Oslo Fine Art Society. Johannessen is currently a member of the Flaggfabrikken Centre for Photography and Visual Arts, a Bergen based artist collective.

At Western Front Media Art Toril Johannessen will be using the concept of dark matter and dark energy as a point of departure. According to many astronomers, dark matter and dark energy are mysterious cosmological forces that make up approximately 82% of the Universe. Johannessen will use the idea of dark matter and dark energy to continue her work around the history of science, the production of knowledge and the relationship between art and science.

For more information about Toril Johannessen and the works pictured here please visit the artist’s website.