Artist in Residence

David Floren is a Canadian media artist. He is best known for complex mechanical, electronic sculptures that mix philosophical and scientific ideas. His current works are experiments in translocalism, and explore the development of technology/culture systems, incorporating embedded webservers, and miniature cameras. Theoretical interests include cultural diaspora, and the human diurnal/temporal narrative. He has also produced various art books and two collections of prose.

During his two month residency, David Floren will build some robots and work with curator/producer Peter Courtemanche to develop hardware and software for a series of Robot Workshops scheduled to be held in the fall of 2005. These workshops will include six local artists. Based around a wireless Internet device that is the size of a 2-dollar coin, the artists will work with a pre-built circuit board that contains an embedded controller, a wireless Internet connection, motor controllers and sensor inputs. The system has some simple software tools that allow it to transmit and receive sensor data and motion commands in a poetic programming language — a way for the artists to connect language (in many different forms) to the activities.