Artist in Residence

“Nervouse is a multi-track audio/light project using manipulated phonemes and light to explore the aurality and visuality of sound and meaning. Inspired by aerial photography, cognitive dysfunctionality and post-9/11 social anxiety, the abstract composition refuses logical sensibility to consider place and time.

My sources of inspiration are several. I have lived in Saskatchewan for more than twelve years and travel frequently; the view from the airplane window on a clear night is an intriguing matrix of lights, grid roads, architecture, oxbow rivers and glacial landforms. The second reference is more disturbing – the loss of language as communication due to cognitive dysfunctionality. My father has dementia. Over the past five years, his ability to articulate has only deteriorated; our communication avoids verbal exchange. The third reference is the mounting climate of fear and social paranoia since 9/11. Increased surveillance and security measures throughout daily life fuel a climate of social anxiety and emotional urgency.

My approach to Nervouse references the structure of the theme and variation of classical music. Different manifestations of the project have recently been exhibited at the WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay and The New Gallery in Calgary. During the residency at Western Front, I plan to continue to explore text/language generation, sound manipulation, spatialization, rhythm and silence and to present the work in progress.” – Ellen Moffatt

Nervouse has received production support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board, paved Art + New Media (Saskatoon), The Banff Centre, and the University of Regina – Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Fine Arts.

Ellen Moffat’s practice of multi-media installation, photography and public art explores notions of time, place, voice and the public space as an arena for dialogue, social engagement and interaction. She has worked as artist-in-residence in artist-run centres and public galleries and has participated in national and international residencies. Since moving to Saskatchewan in 1992, she has facilitated numerous public art, media, off-site and community-based projects in urban and rural Saskatchewan. She has also completed contracts as a Project Coordinator, independent Curator, sessional instructor and writer.

Moffat has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Canada including The New Gallery (Calgary), WP Kennedy Art Gallery (North Bay), the Mackenzie Art Gallery (Regina), Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), AKA Gallery (Saskatoon), Museum London (London), Niagara Artists Centre (St Catherines), and Gallery 44 (Toronto). Her public art projects have been included in Future Cities, Art Gallery of Hamilton; in the Utopia Station, at the Venice Bienniale with Martha Rosler in 2003, and the SPASM Public Art Festival in Saskatoon. Moffat is based in Saskatoon.