Support Media Art History

Western Front is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of its Media Archive, that goes back over 40 years! In the past two years, we have preserved, digitized and made available over 400 works—including, most recently Acts of Transfer.

To continue this important preservation work we need a significant upgrade to our equipment: a new LTO-8 tape drive.

What is an LTO-8 tape drive you ask? Well, after we have transferred works from a range of obsolete tape formats and made digital copies of them, the LTO drive provides the safe and stable long-term storage for them. LTO is the deck recommended industry standard for data storage throughout archives and this crucial piece of equipment will ensure that our valuable material stays stable and safe.

This year we have a dollar for dollar matching opportunity made possible by a generous donor. We are asking for your help to reach our goal of $8,000 to purchase this equipment. Your donation will be eligible for a full tax receipt. And donations of $100 or more will receive a complimentary, artist-designed, limited edition tea towel.

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