Acts of Transfer: Women’s Performance in the Western Front Archive

Announcing the web launch of more than 50 newly digitized videos from the Western Front Archive. Focused on women in performance, the documents span from the early 1970’s until the late 2000’s and feature a wide range of artists including: Judy Radul, Jane Ellison, and Anna Banana. New research into these archival materials will address the historical and social contexts of performance and its documentation within this important aspect of our collection.

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Index of ACTS

ACT I : Variety Show

Judy Radul, The Body of Knowledge / Her Knowing of She Cutting I or Interrogation of the Pear, 1988
Cathy Quinn, Inside/Out, 1988
Carol Sawyer, An Incompleat History of Voice, 1997
Cathy Sisler, Untitled, 1996
Dana Claxton, Sa, 1994
Yvonne Parent, Interviews with Yvonne Parent, 1991
Nao Bustamante and Coco Fusco, Stuff, 1998
Nancy Barton, Swan Song, 1991

ACT II : Movement Arts

Jane Ellison and Eric Metcalfe, Oh Yes, Oh No, 1979
Rose English, Plato’s Chair, 1983
Anna Banana and Bill Gaglione, Futurist Sound, 1979
Mona Hatoum, Variations on Discord and Divisions, 1984
EVA Sisters (Fern Friedman, Deborah Slater, Terri Hanlon), What House?, 1978
Missing Associates, Untitled solo performance by Lily Eng, 1980
Jane Ellison, Helen Clarke, Peter Bingham, Aboutabout, 1979
Margaret Dragu, X’s and O’s for Canadian Pavillion, 1986
Laetitia Sonami, Untitled, 1996
Jane Ellison, Peter Ryan, Michael Brodie, MOVEMENTARTS, 1979

ACT III: Readings + Monologues

Jerri Allyn, Love Novellas, 1984
Carole Itter, Tribute to Chickens, 1975
Tanya Mars, Mz Frankenstein, 1993
Alison Knowles, Untitled (Celebration Red), 1999
Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan,  Tales for a New World, 1998
Jill Kroesen, The Original Lou and Walter Story and The Original Lou and Walter Story, 1980
Linda Montano with Jean Smith and Lana O’Keefe,Absent / Presence, 2003
Constance De Jong, Modern Love, 1978