A Historic Moment

It is impossible to think about the Western Front Society without conjuring an image of the iconic building that has been its home for the past 43 years.  Today we are happy to announce that after many years of work by many people, and a grant from the City of Vancouver, the Society now owns our building—securing our future for many decades to come.

To say we are thrilled is an understatement and nothing can quite capture the range of emotions wrapped up in this historic event. We are deeply honoured and humbled to take stewardship of this incredible piece of Vancouver’s cultural life. The long-standing, influential, creative, thoughtful community that has formed within these walls, which has had such a huge impact on our city and our country, inspires us every day.

We would like to thank Peter Bingham, Hank Bull, Jane Ellison and Eric Metcalfe for their vision and dedication, and their unwavering generosity, which has allowed the Western Front Society to take this major step towards our future.