Shweta Jhaveri with the V.I.E.W Ensemble

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. IX, no. 3, p. 9, Jan/Feb 1998:

North Indian singer Shweta Jhaveri returns to the Western Front to perform classical repertoire and original work with the V.I.E.W Ensemble “Vancouver Improvising Ensemble of Women” featuring Peggy Lee, cello, Lauri Lyster, percussion and Karen Graves, Saxophones, flute and voice. Graves will contribute a new work to this collaboration of V.I.E.W and Jhaveri.

Shweta Jhaveri is emerging as one of the most imaginative and brilliant performers of North INdian classical vocal music, “khyaal.” She is the first female vocalist from the state of Gujarat, India, to have performed Indian classical music internationally. Besides her memorable performances, Shweta composes and directs music, conducts vocal workshops and experiments with Western musicians. She recently performed on the soundtrack for the feature art film “Dance of the Wind” and on the popular Indian television show “Mriganayani.” Her recordings include Pratham, In Various Moods, and Court Musicians.

Peggy Lee plays the field between opera, jazz and new music, currently receiving international recognition as one of Vancouver’s hottest improvisers. She is a member of Standing Wave, the NOW Orchestra, Talking Pictures and Veda Hille’s band. She has worked with Elizabeth Fischer, Tony Wilson and dance choreographers Pipo Damiano and Cornelius Fischer-Credo.

Laurie Lyster is a frequent performer with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and the Vancouver New Music Ensemble. Other projects include the all-female jazz and blues group Mother of Pearl, the new music quartet Standing Wave and the Afro-Latin group Drum Prayers.

Karen Graves teaches music at Vancouver Community College, composes and leads her own musical projects, Quinteclectic and the Karen Graves Group. She is currently involved with Randall Stroll’s acid jazz project Sacred Linoleum, and his funk project Soulsteam; Themba Tana’s South African Big Band Revival; and Pepe Danza’s Drum Players and Mother of Pearl.