3 RING BROADCAST & Voice Works

@ 8:00pm

T a k e a b r o a d v i e w
of the musical explorations by women today.

Cultural and historical depth mark a programme which embraces
melancholic folk feels, wide ranging vocal styles, Asian influences, new perspectives on technology, jazz rhythms, concert theatre and native earth ritual chant. Come and explore the innovative musical worlds being created by women today.

Webcast Live 8 pm PST www.front.bc.ca

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Double Helix New Concert Productions presents
3 RING BROADCAST Ya-wen Vivienne Wang Solo Electroacoustic Show

Ya-wen V. Wang is the ringmaster in a one woman circus of piano, electroacoustics, multi- instruments and live electronics. Wang’s dynamic interdisciplinary style unflinchingly celebrates technology, performance, humor and spirituality in a program of electroacoustic èclassics’ and new works.

“Wang’s work is playful and audacious…a musically dazzling multi-disciplinary performance.” -Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

PROGRAMME Featured on the program is Denis Smalley’s virtuosic Piano Nets for piano and tape. This stunning and ethereal work weaves the piano into a shifting network of chords and electroacoustic sounds. Charles Dodge’s Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental reverses the twist of the ‘tape and performer’ genre, setting processed period recordings of Enrico Caruso with live piano accompaniment. Dieter Schnebel’s Nostalgie is a version of Visible Music. Scored for solo conductor and five music stands, this theatrical work explores the music of gesture. Platinum Mastercard by Lowell Morris uses accordion, tape and spoken word to warn of the lure of high risk credit. Completing the program will be three new works: Contrapunk by Howard Goldbach for piano and ring modulator, and TUNE and TANGO for live electronics by Ya-wen Vivienne Wang.

Ya-wen Vivienne Wang performs, composes, conducts and constantly challenges herself with innovative projects which push the boundaries of music, theatre and movement. She is the co-founder and current artistic director of Double Helix New Concert Productions (Vancouver). Her original solo performance work excursions (1998) was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award (outstanding original musical) and a radio version was commissioned by the CBC. Wang’s award-winning orchestral composition ‘The Difficult Mountain Paths of Szechwan’ (1992) was performed in Taiwan and New Zealand. In 2000 she received a Canada Council grant for the creation of a cross cultural Opera ‘The Peach Project’ (in progress) and has subsequently been nominated for the Future Generations Millennium Award. Wang has also worked with numerous music, opera and theatre companies as a music director and vocal coach.

Voice Works
New works performed by Teresa Connors and Marguerite Wivoet, including a
solo multi-media work by Teresa Connors and Andrew Denton, and “Escalotor to Russia” with text by Marguerite Witvoet and music by Peter Hannan.

Teresa Connors is a composer and singer devoted to contemporary music.
Marguerite Witvoet is active in many music circles as a pianist, music director and vocal coach. Both are driven by their curiosity for the language of music in the present tense,and collaborate with a multitude of artists from diverse backgrounds and sensibilities, experimenting with forms open to a variety of materials, practices and languages of music including the use of electronics, sampling and opera.