13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests – Dean and Britta

@ 9:00pm

Admission: $25

Vogue Theatre 918 Granville
presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

“One of the most influential sounds to emerge out of the ‘80s rock underground…seductively drowsy and intimate.” – Rolling Stone

Singer/guitarist /composer Dean Wareham (formerly of Galaxie 500 and Luna) was commissioned by The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to compose music to accompany some of Warhol’s rarely seen silent-film portraits, which the artist called Screen Tests. These extraordinary documents of the 1960s New York art scene constitute a voluminous portrait gallery of well-known celebrities, Factory superstars and anonymous teenagers. The Screen Tests— four-minute black-and-white silent film portraits from the 1960s—were used, as were other Warhol films, as part of the light show for Warhol’s 1966 multimedia happening, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, which showcased the radical art rock of the Velvet Underground.

Wareham’s pensive tenor and dreamy songs and Britta Phillips’ wistful harmonies make the perfect live soundtrack for Warhol’s simple yet transfixing films. The husband and wife team (who also scored the acclaimed feature film The Squid and the Whale) probe the subtle nuances of mood reflected in the Screen Tests’ portraits, including Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, and Edie Sedgewick, lyrically and musically illuminating the shadowed psyches of the candidates for Factory Superstardom who willingly submitted to Warhol’s cool cinematic gaze.

13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests is a project jointly commissioned by the Andy Warhol Museum and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts 2008.

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The Films of Andy Warhol
A lecture by Thomas Sokolowski, Director of the Andy Warhol Museum
Jan 29, 7pm
Emily Carr Institute

This free lecture will explore the film work of Andy Warhol prior to the presentation of 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screentests the following evening.

Thomas Sokolowski is the Director of Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum, and has a distinguished career as a curator and educator. Under his leadership, many important exhibitions have been mounted at institutions including the Grey Art Gallery at New York University, where he was Director from 1984 until 1996, and the Warhol Museum.

He led the mounting of Success is a Job in New York..: The Early Art and Business of Andy Warhol, which was shown in Paris, London, Turin, Philadelphia, Newport Beach and Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art. That exhibition marked the first time Warhol had a one-person show in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Mr. Sokolowski served as chief curator for the Chrysler Art Museum, and as curator of European Painting and Sculpture. He has taught at numerous institutions, including New York University and the University of British Columbia.

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