For his performance/installation Freedom, Conlin will use the gallery as a place to work (and/or do nothing), as a space for encounters and to stage



Curated by David MacWilliam. Due to the high volume of material in the Western Front Archive, further information on this project is currently unavailable.


The Lab Lounge

Stereo 8 (march21) erases the mystique surrounding contemporary dj’s and the passivity, expectation and desires of the audience. As stereo 8 mixed at the turntables,



Push Art, a short-lived but vibrant storefront space at 55a Powell Street co-hosted this exchange between artists in Vienna and Vancouver. Pin-up art was sent


The Extras

Vancouver Public Library (Library Square Atrium) In the 2000 sci-fi feature The Sixth Day the soaring atrium at Library Square was transformed into the corporate headquarters of


Modern Dr. for the Poor

Following her recently completed five-year Garbage series, Wood’s satirically titled exhibition makes use of the colourful byproduct of modern capitalism. Wood’s redecoration of the gallery