Lars Bang Larsen

Western Front Media Arts is pleased to present a lecture by Copenhagen based art historian Lars Bang Larsen, in conjunction with the 13th Annual New


Artists in Residence

WITZ FM is Italian artists Francesca Mizzoni and Roberto Paci Dalo’s contribution to Reverie: The Noise City and to Art’s Birthday. WITZ FM will begin


Artist in Residence

“My artistic practice is essentially photography and video based. It has extended to performance, film and installation. I am currently exploring projection based installations in


Elisa Ferrari

Throughout the fall and winter of 2017/2018 Elisa Ferrari will develop lilithlithlithlithlithlith, a sound-based research and performance project that considers different energetic phenomena that revolve around sites of power


Henry Tsang: Residency

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 1, p. 6, September/October 1995: Once upon a time, in 1990, the Western Front Lux was


Meeting Points

Artist-in-residence. Special production, combined with a performance in the gallery, in which the audience was recorded on a surveillance camera. Co-sponsored by Video Inn and