Western Front: London Edition

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Western Front: London Bureau

No Soul For Sale, 2nd Edition, 5/14 – 5/16/2010 at the Tate Modern (London, UK)

This May, Western Front will participate in No Soul For Sale – A Festival of Independents, part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Tate Modern, organized by artist Maurizio Cattelan and curators Cecilia Alemani, and Massimiliano Gioni. Within the Tate’s Turbine Hall, you’ll find Western Front: London Bureau–a paper replica of the Western Front’s historic building that houses an exhibition of Vancouver artists and a curated selection of works from our archive. Artists include Sonja Ahlers, Lorna Brown, Aaron Carpenter, Kate Craig, Randy Lee Cutler, Paul de Guzman, Stan Douglas, Michael Drebert, Geoffrey Farmer, General Idea, Rodney Graham, Hadley + Maxwell, Allison Hrabluik, Instant Coffee, Will Kwan, Heidi Nagtegaal, Mark Soo, Kika Thorne, Ron Tran, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, and Ian Wallace.

London Bureau considers immaterial production and dissemination as an alternate exercise of power, employs print as a venue for long distance exchange and acknowledges our historical position as a pioneer in mail art, slo-scan and fax art initiatives. A number of artists have been invited to send new works of art via email–short videos or PDFs that will be downloaded and accessible onsite.

London Bureau will share the activities of our organization with an international art audience while capturing the independent spirit that has coursed throughout our history alongside participants like ArtHub (Shanghai), Artists Space (New York), e-flux (Berlin), PiST (Istanbul), Latitudes (Barcelona), no.w.here (London), Loop (Seoul) and others from around the world. Drawing thousands from the public, this free festival will attract gallerists, international curators, writers, artists, critics, researchers, scholars and educators, all of whom have come to experience what the Western Front encapsulates: independent and interdisciplinary creation.