Visiting Curator

Mats Stjernstedt has been invited by Media Arts and Exhibitions to spend time at the Western Front as a visiting curator.

Stjernstedt is a curator and writer residing in Stockholm. He has been working as a freelance curator since 1992 with a wide range of activities mostly in Malmö and Stockholm. He has also written art criticism from 1997 – 2001 with texts published in Art Forum, Flash Art, art & text, Paletten, and Nu the Nordic Art Review. He has been the director for Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in Stockholm since 2001.

Index owns and operates an art space, designed as a site for art production and distribution where artistic and audience related experiments are carried out. The organization focuses on contemporary art and curatorial practice with the aim of providing a ground for creativity in a wider sense of the word. Each year, Index produces 6 – 8 exhibitions in the gallery space. Additionally, Index promotes artistic expressions in various forms such as screenings, performances, and workshops, all of which provide the programme with certain mobility.

Throughout the years, Index has had an indisputable importance in promoting the work of young Swedish and international, renowned and established artists in a sympathetic, non-hierarchical relationship. Index is open to constant revision of existing ideas and experimentations with new solutions in providing ideal circumstances for the organization and the artists. Index’s exhibition programme is always put together by an interdisciplinary programming committee with a wide range of experience, thereby complementing each other’s activities and knowledge.