@ 7.30PM

Co-produced by The Apartment and Western Front Media Arts

This screening will feature the ever expanding video series Claude by San Francisco filmmaker Michael Rudnick and HotSpell, the last weather report (and film) by the late, great George Kuchar.

These two San Francisco mavericks met when Rudnick was a student in the early days of Kuchar’s infamous class at the San Francisco Art Institute. Both filmmakers demonstrate a commitment to in-camera editing with virtuosic use single shots altered with video effects and image layering. This low-fi aesthetic leads the viewer into fantastical, oscillating worlds. Kuchar and Rudnick hold everyday reality up to a funhouse mirror, reveling in our disturbing social truths.
George Kuchar ranks as one of the most important and prolific American independent film and video makers. With his homemade Super 8 and 16mm potboilers and melodramas of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, he became legendary as a distinctive underground filmmaker whose work influenced many other artists including Andy Warhol, John Waters and David Lynch.

Michael Rudnick’s art practice has moved between moving images and moving objects for over 40 years, largely in the alternative film world of San Francisco. His ongoing video series ‘Claude’ is a psychologically charged project, an exorcism of demons embodied in the character Claude who has appeared in over 45 of these high production video diary entries. A master filmmaker, Rudnick has made over a150 films including ongoing documentaries of the places and people in his life as well as the work of other artists including Chris Burden and Nancy Ruben. The Apartment and Western Front Media Arts are thrilled to present Michael Rudnick’s Canadian premiere.

George Kuchar:
HotSpell, 25:55 min.

Michael Rudnick:
Episodes of Claude, 60 min

For more information please contact Western Front Curator of Media Arts, Sarah Todd at sarahtodd@front.bc.ca