/ Opening @ 7:30pm

Western Front Media Arts is pleased to present a series of screenings of the first cut of Isabelle Pauwels’ LIKE…/AND, LIKE/YOU KNOW/TOTALLY/ RIGHT.  This new sequence of five videos was produced as part of a Western Front Media Arts production residency last fall.  Shot primarily in the Western Front’s  Grand Luxe Hall performance space, Pauwels worked with a range of performers including her sister Valerie, and Western Front founders Eric Metcalfe, Glenn Lewis and Hank Bull.  The work’s vast narrative could be understood as an intersubjective meditation on personal and institutional histories,invoking secret childhood clubs alongside the copiously documented history of the Western Front, complicating notions of memory and the archive, of being an insider, or an outsider.  LIKE…/AND, LIKE/YOU KNOW/TOTALLY/ RIGHT. continues Pauwels’ ongoing concern with narrative, employing repetition, cliché  and satire to wrestle with the oppressive force of stories and storytellers.  LIKE…/AND, LIKE/YOU KNOW/TOTALLY/ RIGHT.  will be screened in its entirety in the Grand Luxe Hall at the following times:

Friday June 8th  7.30pm

Saturday June 9th  3pm

Sunday June 10th  3pm

Isabelle Pauwels is a Vancouver-based artist working primarily in video installation. Her  work explores how narrative structures shape our emotional and moral experience. Her interests include hybrid cultural forms, prosumer production, early history of television and film, and narratives of colonial-era exploration. She has exhibited locally and internationally, and is represented by Catriona Jeffries Gallery.

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