As a Wife Has a Cow

@ 7:00pm

Western Front is pleased to present the upcoming screening: As a Wife Has a Cow, a video portrait of the charismatic rancher Keely Moll. An intimate interrogation of the life and perspective of a confident woman, this single channel work replaces the traditional Western gender paradigm of a man in the landscape with a restitution of the female image. Moll’s subjectivity is presented alongside her complex relations with family, the land, labour and community; each emerging as compelling facets of a life well lived.  This single channel screening, recently remastered by the artist, is adapted from Wyngaarden’s original installation of the work in 1985.

Cornelia Wyngaarden is a pioneering media artist whose single-channel videotapes and installation works address such issues as gender, sexuality and technology. Since the 1980s, her work has explored the queer and female subjectivity, taking up as the topic the heroine of various stories from Greek mythology to Canadian parliamentary history. Her poetic video portraits of female protagonists defy the male-centric order of their respective milieu. Wyngaarden’s incisive and critical voice has made a formative contribution to the Western Front throughout the years of its development.

This screening is presented  in association with Cornelia Wyngaarden: Heroines, curated by Liz Park for CSA. The exhibition runs from November 17, 2015 to Dec 13th, 2015. The project celebrates Wyngaarden’s decades-long contribution to the art community as a video artist and an unrelenting voice representing feminism and queer politics.