Bernard Stiegler: About the Neganthropocene and its Economy

@ 7:00pm

We live in the Anthropocene. But is the Anthropocene bearable – that is: viable? Of course not. The Anthropocene is an Entropocene. Presented in association with the French Consulate of Vancouver, the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, and the Bachelor of Media Studies at the University of British Columbia, Western Front welcomes French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, whose lecture will show why and how it is necessary and possible to overcome the Anthropocene to enter the Neganthropocene – to found an economy based on a neganthropic value.

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Please note the date of the event has changed!
October 5th @7:00pm

In advance of the Neganthropocene lecture please join us for Text To Speech media reading group, where we will host an evening on recent written work by Stiegler.