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In Case We Meet

Artist-in-residence. Special production. Co-sponsored by A Space, Goethe Institute, Vancouver Art Gallery. This is unusual I know. Yet the same thing has happened the day


Delicate Issue

Special production. An uncompromising, micro-examination of the artists’ body with the voice asking such questions as, “What is the dividing line between public and private?”


Aktion 58

Video produced by Image Bank. Nitsch’s use of blood, animal entrails and nude bodies in his performance works prompted a horrified response in the Vancouver



Artist in residence. Murmur is a two-channel installation, commissioned by the IKON Gallery in Birmingham, England for the exhibition Beyond Distinction. Murmur was shot largely


Mounted Propaganda

Artist-in-residence. Special production. Co-sponsored by Goethe Institute. “Through my strong appreciation of the feminist movement I find it necessary to try a new approach towards


Edited Messages

Artist-in-residence. Special production. A tape about one’s confusion regarding the accuracy of the information we receive, either directly or indirectly, from an early age to


TV Spots

A special production. Twelve short tapes designed for broadcast among the commercials that inhabit late night television. Only one spot should be transmitted on any