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Out of Control

Artist-in-residence. Special production. Due to the high volume of material in the Western Front Archive, information on this project is currently unavailable.


Fear of Blue

Artist-in-residence. Special production. A metaphoric text on the meaning of the colour blue is illustrated with images of sky and sea. The soundtrack includes original


Living Dusts

A special production. “Living Dusts pursues a variegated itinerary through videated banality, the propositional power of the written sentence and the electronic elimination of space and


Untitled Performance

Work is a performance in which Labreque wears a pink jump-suit and uses pre-recorded voice, wooden letters, and other makeshift instruments to make music. The



Artist-in-residence. Special production. The fragmentation of the video screen by the macro process is carried into language. Nouns are taken out of context and the



Special production. Shot primarily in Japan in 1988, the artist wondered how it was that a culture could be so pure and unified in its