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Mandala ’82

Artist-in-residence. Special production. “This tape concerns the Mandala, which is a symbol of states of consciousness in esoteric Buddhism. All beings arise from the sands



Artist-in-residence. Special production. A portrait of the Vancouver Airport seen from the viewpoint of an Executive Air Traveler . It includes four parts: The Home


Artist in Residence

t/here is a trace (in) between the space (s) of terror i find fragments of my memory. the memory sores room In this installation I


Tania Bruguera: Residency

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 4, p. 12, March/April 1997: Performance Saturday March 22nd, 10:30pm Cuban performance artist, Tania Bruguera, born


Jennifer Chan

Resident artist Jennifer Chan’s work addresses gender and race politics in reaction to the media’s promise of happiness. Her videos thrash through an immense image culture,


Artist in Residence

David Floren is a Canadian media artist. He is best known for complex mechanical, electronic sculptures that mix philosophical and scientific ideas. His current works


Cause for Suspicion

Artist-in-residence. Special production. The tape is an expression of the artist’s personal attitude towards the history of film and television, the premise being that too


Picture Window

A special production, in collaboration with Brice MacNeil (aka Art McP). The culmination of stolen bits from Vincente Minnelli’s film Some Come Running, mixed with


Prime Cuts

Artist-in-residence. Special production. A tape about style, technology and sexuality. Delivered in an unpolitical and distanced view, not unlike a commercial, we see life as


Basic Motel, The Pop Tape

Artist-in-residence. Special production. My videotapes are about being surrounded. Surrounded by people whom I can’t really explain or rationalize the existence of. Surrounded by parades