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Prime Cuts

Artist-in-residence. Special production. A tape about style, technology and sexuality. Delivered in an unpolitical and distanced view, not unlike a commercial, we see life as


Artist in Residence

Western Front Media Arts and Western Front Exhibitions are pleased to announce Vancouver-based artist Allyson Clay as Artist-in-Residence for New Strategies in Feminist Video. Working


Artist in Residence

Kinetics: Made in Japan (2006) Jeremy Isao Speier makes kinetic works using motors, neons, ready-mades, photos, wood, and various materials. During this residency he will


Bridget Moser

Bloomsday Performance: June 16, 7pm Toronto-based artist Bridget Moser will be in residence to create a new media performance. Moser is known for her comedic and satirical


Artists in Residence

WITZ FM is Italian artists Francesca Mizzoni and Roberto Paci Dalo’s contribution to Reverie: The Noise City and to Art’s Birthday. WITZ FM will begin


Elisa Ferrari

Throughout the fall and winter of 2017/2018 Elisa Ferrari will develop lilithlithlithlithlithlith, a sound-based research and performance project that considers different energetic phenomena that revolve around sites of power



Artist-in-residence. Special Production. A portrait of sound, Salem combines readings from letters originating in the small Ontario town of Salem and excerpts from a newscast.