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Relican Wedding

Produced at and by Pumps. “In the Name of the Beaver, the Moose and the Holy Goose,” the marriage of Gary “Middleclass” Bourgeois to Gina


The Bardo Gap

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 1, p. 24, September/October 1994: Margaret Dragu harvests Video, Dance, Music & Sound from her esoteric



Istvan Kantor created a new situation by adapting Monty Cantsin’s open-pop-star persona into his own life and letting his life events get mixed up with


The Body of Knowledge

Ideophrenia series. An hour-long performance positioning the subject within knowledge, involving prerecorded sound, a video created for the performance entitled, Her Knowing of She Cutting I


Mixed Metaphors

AA Bronson as Spokesman for General Idea. In the performance, Bronson, wearing a black censor bar over his glasses, reads General Idea’s Glamour Manifesto in its


Circus on Wheels

Mixed media performance by Ted Dawson in which the Montreal-based artist talks about the operation of the body and its processes for conceptualizing and experiencing the


New Society

This elaborate and ambitious performance utilized every person and piece of gear available. The audience sat around the edge of the room while two grand