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Errol’s Errors

Byron Black was a regular and very active member. His weekly television show, Images from Infinity, was the first artists’ television show in Vancouver and one of



Using a strong video element, Martel drew on his Fluxus influence to create a visual and audio montage of performance vignettes. Audio Recording duration: 00:36:47


Red Angel

A musical discourse in Rondo form between a woman, 5 parrots, and a washing machine. This was a re-production of one of Falk’s famous performances


A Set of Circumstances

A performance and video, consisting of Oraf recounting his life and his relationship with his family including his disowned sister, said to have been killed,


Corpus Colossus

Featuring Martin Bartlett, Hank Bull, Kate Craig, Jane Ellison and Glenn Lewis. Produced for the Holland Festival, the piece was also mounted in Valladolid (Spain),