Results filed under: Performance


Installation/Documentation. Due to the high volume of material in the Western Front Archive, information on this project is currently unavailable.



With Annastacia MacDonald, Carol Hackett, Deborah Fong and Jeanette Reinhardt. An autobiographical story written for and played by the performers, utilizing sound, music, live actions,


Plato’s Chair

A one-woman opera/performance based on a trunk full of costumes. The most memorable image was English with a horse’s ail and hooves, galloping around the



Function, from the now obsolete meaning for performance (from the Latin functio, onis-fungtus, meaning to perform)…the revolving door…and the spare ‘constructivist’ space is a characteristic of my


Broken China

Ideophrenia Series. With Paul Lang and Iain Macanulty. Due to the high volume of material in the Western Front Archive, further information on this project



Using a strong video element, Martel drew on his Fluxus influence to create a visual and audio montage of performance vignettes. Audio Recording duration: 00:36:47