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T.V. Tumor

Television in motion, wrested from its stationary altar, seeks out, circles and confronts its audience. It also invades its host/performer, revealing tensions within the spectacle



Function, from the now obsolete meaning for performance (from the Latin functio, onis-fungtus, meaning to perform)…the revolving door…and the spare ‘constructivist’ space is a characteristic of my


Media Performance Event

An erupting of the poetic visual and kinetic – one woman – now. Collaborators: Elizabeth Dancoes, text imagery; Jeff Leese, algorithmic computer animation; Barbara Bourget,


The Gallery Director

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. XV, no. 4, p. 28, September/October 2004: The Artist – The Cultural Worker Series  Three Interventions: October


Aka Nada

Commissioned by O Kanada, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. With live computer music, three simultaneous screens and various projection technologies, the piece was also performed in