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There Are No Rules

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present There are No Rules, a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based artist Elizabeth Zvonar. Using the 1972 textbook History of Art


The Lecture

The Alliance for French & American Relations shall be constituted as hereinafter provided and shall have for its objects the establishment of confidence and friendly


Paul Chan

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring New York-based artist Paul Chan, his first in Canada. As one of the most


Ujino Muneteru Exhibition

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present a new large-scale installation by renowned Tokyo-based visual artist, performer, and musician Ujino Muneteru in conjunction with SWARM.


Scenes Unseen

Ruth Beer’s installation of new work includes sculpture, photography, and a multi-projection video. Her work presents an inquiry into the representation of objects and places,



The exhibition looks at the farmer as inventor and augmenter: DIY traits passed down through generations. The objects created by the farmer, and reproduced by



Szuper Gallery, curated by Lorna Brown and Jonathan Middleton Nightshifts will present selected video projects by the collaborative team Szuper Gallery. Their work has ranged