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There Are No Rules

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present There are No Rules, a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based artist Elizabeth Zvonar. Using the 1972 textbook History of Art


The Lecture

The Alliance for French & American Relations shall be constituted as hereinafter provided and shall have for its objects the establishment of confidence and friendly


Paul Chan

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring New York-based artist Paul Chan, his first in Canada. As one of the most


Ujino Muneteru Exhibition

Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present a new large-scale installation by renowned Tokyo-based visual artist, performer, and musician Ujino Muneteru in conjunction with SWARM.


Scenes Unseen

Ruth Beer’s installation of new work includes sculpture, photography, and a multi-projection video. Her work presents an inquiry into the representation of objects and places,



The exhibition looks at the farmer as inventor and augmenter: DIY traits passed down through generations. The objects created by the farmer, and reproduced by