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Virginia Quesada in Concert

A media artist, electronic music composer and sound engineer. Performed Roller Rink, Take the Cake, Sixteen Saboteurs on the Alaskan Pipeline, Twins, Windows, Pretty Purple Lady in Cage and A Night at


On Being Invisible

Brainwave controlled hybrid computer sound synthesis system. David Rosenboom conducted research into methods of relating information processing in the human nervous system to aesthetic experience,


Bodo Yamamoto in Concert

Work is a concert by Bodo Yamamoto (shakuhachi) and other unidentified musicians. Audio Recording duration: 48:38 Digitized audio of this concert is available through the


Bob Murphy in Concert

Work is a concert of solo piano by Bob Murphy. Audio Recording duration: 01:15:21 Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front


Steve Lacy in Concert

Solo soprano saxophone. Vancouver Jazz Society. Concert and workshop. Having recently opened the first edition of Black Swan Records on main Street near 8th Avenue,



Concert for a sleeping audience. Sleeping gear was provided and people invited to stay the night. Programme: Takes from Dreamsound Breath Tape Dream Walking –