Demo Model

Entry from Acts of Transfer: “…Demo Model is…a demonstration of varieties of communication (an inventory of codes, semiotic analysis), with and through diverse technological devices as


Adults are so Last Year

Join us for Western Front’s annual event for kids, Adults are So Last Year, which invites kids of all ages for an afternoon of hands on


The Bridge

Work is a single channel video production of a dance choreographed by Paula Ross for Concerto for Cello Orchestra by Gyorgi Legeti and Variations in


Amphibious Tales

Work is a performance of a song cycle for extended voice, text, dance, and percussion. From Front Magazine Sept/Oct 1992 Vol.IV No.1 P.12: AMPHIBOUS TALES DB


Rites of Spring

Work is documentation of a dinner party held at the Western Front with multiple attendees,. Video has no sound. Hand written time code shot index