Cabeza abajo (Head Down)

Work is a single channel video production. Bruguera’s performance involved walking on top of a crowd of people who were lying on the floor surrounded


Jeneen Frei Njootli

During this residency Jeneen Frei Njootli will be working within the ReMatriate collective to research Indigenous women’s activism while furthering the collective’s goals of community outreach via online avenues for


Instant Coffee

Available for download in October In 2012 the Western Front was host to a “prospective retrospective” of the artist-collective Instant Coffee. IC was, in turn, host to


Bright Moments Series

Coastal Jazz and Blues with Western Front New Music spotlight the newest shakers and movers in the Jazz world with the Bright Moments Series. __


Archive Fundraiser

Dance and “Movement Arts” are an important part of Western Front history. Join us for our annual dinner and screenings of works from Western Front’s archive—this year focusing