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Artist in Residence

Celebrated Vancouver-based media artist Judy Radul will be developing the technical aspects of a major new video production project World Rehearsal Court (working title). The


Cabaret Vulgare 1993

Performances and readings by Steve Anthony, Margaret Dragu, Catriona Strang with François Houle, Peter Bingham, Lorna Boschman, Phil McCrum with Gerald Creede, The Vulgares, Warren



With Andrew Wilson. A performance which dealt with some of the images of the female grotesque used in Radul’s concurrent Western Front exhibition, To Shine. Wilson danced


To Shine

Video stills and kinetic sculpture. Catalogue. Judy Radul was born in Lillooet B.C. in 1962. She has an MFA from Bard College, New York. Her


Boner 9190 book launch

With special guests Alex Varty, Don Chow and Andrew Wilson. (It snowed and everyone had a difficult time arriving; someone even cross-country skied to the


The Body of Knowledge

Ideophrenia series. An hour-long performance positioning the subject within knowledge, involving prerecorded sound, a video created for the performance entitled, Her Knowing of She Cutting I



Part of Twenty-Five Young Artists, curated by Petra Watson. Monologue with audio. “The Cabaret of Living in Two Worlds” is a description of split existence,